Palm Coast Chiropractic Center

Dr. Jennifer L. Thornton

Being a chiropractor for over ten years now, I have treated so many different types of people for so many conditions. Many people are lacking the importance of the true meaning of Health. They are missing the key components to health. This is called wellness!

I want people to understand how important it is to stay healthy on a regular basis. This means not basing their health on pain, or therefore, a lack of pain. Its called Overall Wellness. One must look at every aspect of their health. This includes, nutrition, exercise/strengthening, stretching, mental stress relief, water, sleep, chemical and environmental stress. Depending on the individual there may be other components as well.

This is also why its important to start chiropractic at birth. The first major trauma that we experience is at the time of birth.
I started chiropractic care at age 16. It has made a huge difference in my life and I hope to share my experience encourage wellness and help people age gracefully.

When I look at professional athletes and how they treat their bodies with conditioning, and training on off season, it makes me question why is that not accepted for the rest of society? We support Professional athletics with their endorsements etc. professional athletics may have more financial support but preventative health is available for everyone, these days. In 2010, NaturalNews) reported that Americans spent $307.4 billion on prescription drugs. Our society is battling chronic health issues. Chronic health conditions are not just affecting our baby bombers, they are also affecting our children, as well.

Education for preventing diseases and illnesses are becoming more popular with corporations, businesses, schools and even cities. This is positive and as a chiropractic physician, I embrace this growing change. As a mom of three toddlers I know that my lifestyle impacts their lives. I am constantly trying to find and maintain balance in my family's life. This is not always easy. I have adjusted my my children since birth so they will grow with the best most optimal health lifestyle. My goal is to continue to educate my patients, and my community. I have always been involved with sports and still participate in soccer. I also enjoy Pilates, and yoga. Nutrition is also important. My husband and I follow the Paleo lifestyle. This is a great way to reduce the chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and overall inflammation. I strive on continuing my education and sharing it within my community. Without health, we are sick and not able to be at our optimal. So what choice do we have then!

Dr. Jenn was born in NY and moved to Palm Coast in 1989. She attended Life University in Georgia and graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2000.

Her first experience with chiropractic was at the age of 16, and that positive experience, along with the dramatic results that her mother experienced, were an intricate part in her decision to be a chiropractor.

Following graduation, Dr. Thornton worked in Palm Coast as well as in the Northeast and Central Florida region. Her experience of working in different types of offices has been invaluable in her approach to treating her patients.

Dr. Jenn is married to a Palm Coast firefighter, and they are the proud parents of three children.