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Most important aspect of chiropractic care is wellness care. I am of the opinion that life is far more than just getting rid of or preventing disease. Life is a process of growth and development that changes from one day to the next. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and in our relationships, we are different than we were at age two (and even yesterday, for that matter). The process of life, the human experience, is one of maximal growth and development in each of these areas. We need to be prepared to design and develop our lives fully. This is wellness care.

Regular spinal maintenance adjustments provide the same benefit as other preventive health services.  For example, by going to the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings, the teeth and gums are kept healthy and any potentially harmful problems (i.e. cavities, gum disease, etc.) are identified and cured before they become major problems.  By getting adjusted regularly, our patients stay out of pain, improve spinal function, and enjoy better overall health by optimizing the health of the nervous system.  Because the nervous system controls all body systems, including the immune and digestive systems, many of our patients report not getting sick as often as their friends/family/neighbors.

Core Strengthening

If you’re following the trends in exercise and fitness, you’ve probably heard the phrase “core strength ” or “core stability“.

The terms “core strength” or “core stability” refer to the muscles of your stomach and back and their ability to support your spine and keep your body stable and balanced.

Pitfalls in core stability training

Don’t get tempted to progress too quickly. The biggest mistake anyone can do in core-muscle training is to do exercises that are too advanced and losing control of the core.

If the core muscles are not able to stabilize properly, other muscles will be recruited to enable you to do the exercise. The telltale sign of weak core-muscles is the inability to keep the abdomen hollowed, the spine deviating to one side and/or the spine ‘sinking’ inwards (especially noticeable during back extension).

It pays to do it properly

It can be harder than you think to this exercise properly, but when you got the hang of it, it is definitely worth it. So, don’t give up even if it seems impossible to start with.

Chiropractic treatment and core-muscle training is such a powerful combination to beat back pain. Don’t lose out by only using one or the other!