Palm Coast Chiropractic Center

Conditions that can be helped with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic provides effective relief for millions of individuals suffering from back and neck problems and many other musculoskeletal complaints ranging from knee and ankle to carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Most musculoskeletal pain or discomfort in any areas of the spine are excellent candidates for chiropractic adjustment care. For conditions which are better suited for medical specialists, chiropractors are fully trained to identify them and make an appropriate referral. Some common musculoskeletal conditions treated include:

• Low, upper, mid back pain and stiffness
• Spinal disc issues
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Headaches and migraines
• Leg pain, weakness, numbness and tingling
• Arm pain, weakness, numbness and tingling
• Extremity joint pain and dysfunction
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Non-Musculoskeletal

Chiropractic care has been shown to benefit more than just back and neck pain and can help individuals suffering from medical problems such as allergies, ear infections in children, frequent colds, asthma and arthritis in the elderly. Research has shown that many of these conditions can be caused or aggravated by irritation to spinal nerve roots which share an intimate relationship with the spinal structures. By restoring proper nerve functioning individuals suffering from these problems can obtain partial or even full relief. Non-musculoskeletal conditions treated include:

• Allergies and sinus
• Asthma
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Dizziness
• Painful menstrual cramps
• Ear infections
• Frequent colds
• Infantile colic
• Low energy levels
• Constipation
• Injuries

Chiropractors treat all types of injuries and are trained to recognize the unique expectations of each type of injury. With auto injuries delayed symptoms can occur up in as much as weeks or months after the accident. In work related injuries, chiropractors address ergonomics and work station set-up. And in sports injuries, chiropractors often check for biomechanical and muscle imbalances. Common injuries treated include:

• Automobile accidents and whiplash injuries
• Work-related and lifting injuries
• Sports injuries
• Slip and fall injuries
• Chronic injuries