Aug 12

Back to School

Its back to school time, which means time to buy new clothes, pencils, books, pens, folders, Ipads(now) and backpacks. Kids are carrying heavy supplies in their backpacks on a regular basis. This stress will overload their spines and potentially cause spinal/muscular complaints.
Consider these tips when choosing a backpack.
* A child that weights 60lbs should carry a maximum weight total of 5lbs in their backpack.
and a child that weights 100lbs maximum weight should be 15lbs. No child should carry more than 25lbs.
* Heavier items should be placed at the bottom so that the heaviest weight is closer to the hips.
* Keep pointy items away from the spine.
* Both shoulder straps should be used and hang below the shoulders with no more than 4 inches hanging below   the waist (which is where the belly button is located)
* Use waist and chest straps.
*Backpack should not be larger than the child’s back and only pack what is needed.
*Padded straps, and a padded back help with lumbar support.
*Saddle bag designs, that go over the head with a bag on both the front and back is less stressful on the spine. * *Shoulder bag is not recommended because the weight is put on one side of the body.
* Rolling back packs are ¬†great. Make sure the handle is long enough, so that the child’s posture is not hunching over. This is the type of backpack I bought my twins.

Ergonomics are important for everyone. Healthy posture helps with great spinal hygiene.